Values Education.

We believe strongly in educating our children in a set of twenty values that will help them to become well rounded members of our wider communities as they grow and develop.

Our Values help our children to acquire positive attitudes and behaviours that will fit them for adult life in our multi -cultural & democratic society, these include values such as;


Have Tolerance, Have Respect, Be Charitable, Enjoy Freedom, Enjoy Learning


Be Democratic, Be Polite, Have Commitment and many more....

Learning Skills and Attitudes.

We also want our children to leave us as independent learners with this in mind we teach our children a set of ten learning skills and eight learning powers (or attitudes). These include; 


Perseverance, Challenge Yourself, Concentrate, Imagine, Improve, Work Hard, Try New Things and Understand Others, Analyse, Review, Create, Investigate and Many more........



By teaching using these foundation principles we truly believe that we are catering for the development of strong, independent and caring citizens of the future.