Enjoyment~ Enrichment~ Excellence~ Equality
We will provide:
  • a Values School providing a happy, secure and caring atmosphere where all our children are safe.
  • a School where Emotional Health and Well Being comes first.
  • a School where learning is fun and creative.
  • a stimulating environment where learning is exciting and enjoyable and where everyone (parents,   staff and children) are respected.
  • a full and rounded education to help our children grasp the opportunities and meet the challenges and responsibilities that lie ahead.
  • an education based on learning skills and attitudes to foster independence.
  • a motivating culture to develop and nurture independence, confidence and a healthy lifestyle· the opportunities for diverse experiences both within and outside school enriching our children’s’ life experiences
  • a school geared to enabling everyone to achieve their full potential no matter where that potential lies
  • a school that is respected for its educational standards and its continual work to deliver the best   possible opportunities for every child in its care.
  • a school that motivates every pupil regardless of ability to work to their very best.
  • a school determined to be fully inclusive, meeting the needs of all who are a part of our school community
  • a school where every child and adult is equal regardless of circumstances, race, gender, ability or age